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Dwarf Hire in RigaWe all have a special friend who instantly becomes the life of the stag or hen party in Riga, brings a fun vibes to any company and demonstrates an excellent sense of humor. Such a person is a must-have if you travel to another country to have some fun.

But what if there is no such person in your company? People say friendship cannot be bought. We say friendship can be hired.

Yes, you got it right. We offer you to hire such a friend to make your stay in Riga even more fun and memorable. You definitely won’t forget this funny guy, because he is a midget - a small man with huge charisma. This cute dwarf guy will amuse and entertain you the best way. In order to make him fit into your company as quickly as possible, we can handcuff him to one of the members of the group. For example, to the stag, if you are celebrating a stag party.

You can hire a midget in Riga for two hours as an extra to another service ordered from us. For example, he can accompany you in a pub crawl, become one of the accomplices in organizing stag kidnapping or take a ride on beer bike with you.

You will get a 10% discount if you order 3 services or more.

220 €


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