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Stag Kidnapping in RigaIf you are having a stag do party in Riga and want to make it really cool and memorable, we offer you to implement one of the craziest ideas for a stag party - stag kidnapping. This type of prank will give a range of different emotions to the stag, and will result in a lot of fun for guests, who will see the kidnapping and then the miraculous release of "the hostage."

To keep the intrigue, we will not describe in detail where and under what circumstances does the kidnapping occurs, it is enough to tell that as a result of the groom will find himself handcuffed, blindfolded and away from his friends. This had situation would make worry any person, but all these worries are worth what will happen later. After all, when the blindfold is taken off from the stag, he will find himself in a cozy striptease club surrounded by friends, and the stunning sexual dancers will perform a hot show for him, in which he will be the main participant, and thanks to which he will forget about all the negative emotions experienced.

This event lasts about 1-2 hours. The price includes the kidnapping in Riga and strip club entries for all participants. The arrest of the stag is a technically difficult event, so for its successful implementation we will need the help and assistance of other participants of the stag party.

You will get a 10% discount if you order 3 services or more.
Price:25 €/pp

Stag Arrest

Strip Show

Strip Club Tickets

AvailabilityAll year round
Min. Group Size6 persons

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