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Strip Body Art Painting in RigaStrip Body Art Painting (painting on naked models) is a great entertainment idea for guys’ night out in Riga. Our lovely body art models will make you feel like real artists.

Divide your “canvas” between the members of the group (don’t fight over it), arm yourself with brushes and let your imagination run wild! It doesn't matter how well you paint. You can create primitive drawings as a caveman or real masterpieces of painting as a famous artist. In any case, you will get lots of fun!

Organize the coolest and most unusual stag party in Riga! Believe us, this extraordinary way of self-expression will pleasantly surprise all your friends. And the groom will more than happy when he finds out that he is entrusted to decide, who and what part of the body will paint. After all, this is a great opportunity to reserve the tidbits for himself. Strip Body Art Painting takes place in a special cozy location, but if you wish, this unique entertainment is also available in a sauna or in a Russian bath. The night promises to be hot, that why we included in price cold beer for each artist.

Try body art painting and add color to your life!

You will get a 10% discount if you order 3 services or more.

45 €/pp


Cozy location



Naked model

1 beer each

RunsAll year round
Min. Group Size:8 persons

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