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4x4 Off Road Safari4×4 off road driving is one of the most exciting things to do in Riga at weekend you will get an energy and adrenaline in your blood.

This is a challenge course to test your driving skills and braveness. You will have a possibility to start your trip with instructor, thus you would feel more confident and experienced and and to finish your adventures 4 of 4 road driving in Riga coping with danger and excitement all by yourself sitting in a special off road cars, which can drive you through the mud, water, even snow and any other obstacles, showing you the most beatiful views at the same time. 4×4 off road will make you a different person afterwards.

*During long ride on Jeeps you can visit excursions or day activities using Jeeps instead of usual transport.

You will get a 10% discount if you order 3 services or more.

300 €/jeep (3 hours)

400 €/jeep (4 hours)

600 €/jeep (8 hours)*


Return Transfers


4x4 driving

0,5l of water

Duration3,4,8 hours
RunsAll year round
Available30 Jeeps
Min. Group Size:1 Jeep

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