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Archery Tag in RigaBow and Arrow is one of the oldest weapons used by man. It has been used for millennia and only in the late Middle Ages it was replaced by firearms.

But thanks to Archery Tag, an exciting game invented in the USA in 2011, today everyone has the opportunity to try combat archery in a fun and safe environment.

In Archery Tag, special safe arrows with foam tips are used, as well as safety equipment - a face mask. Before the game, the participants are given time to get acquainted with the weapon and practice shooting. Then an exciting team game with interesting rules begins. The beginning resembles a scene from The Hunger Games - participants must compete for a limited number of arrows located in the center of the playing field. After this, the teams begin an intense Archery Tag battle. Not only accuracy is required for victory, but also strategy, dexterity and teamwork. Archery Tag in Riga is great option not only for men groups and bachelor parties, but also for hen parties, corporate events, and even for family events with children.

Depending on the season and weather, the game takes place outdoors or indoors. Remember to wear comfortable clothes and sports shoes.

We also offer other team games with shooting like paintball and laser tag. And target shooting enthusiasts will be interested in skeet shooting or real gun shooting.

You will get a 10% discount if you order 3 services or more.

30 €/pp (1 hour)

40 €/pp (2 hours)


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AvailableFrom 10 to ∞
RunsAll year round
Age from9 years old
Min. Group Size:10 persons

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