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Free Fall Simulator in RigaFree fall simulator or "Aerodium" is an aerodynamic tunnel with vertical air stream lifting you to the air and allowing you to fly! "Aerodium" has much alike with a parachute jump, but it is safer.

Before your flight you will get the necessary equipment, the coach will instruct you in a proper way, and then you will rise to the sky for flying at a safe height. The professional coach will be watching you all the time, you will get all the necessary instructions from him, he will teach you all the tricks for a free fall in the vertical wind tunnel. Feel as a bird!

In order not to waste your time for transferring we are glad to offer you the 2-in-1 combination: Bobsleigh + "Aerodium" at once. It will take you just 7 minutes to get from the bsleigh track to the aerodynamic tunnel.

You will get a 10% discount if you order 3 services or more.

80 €/pp


Return Transfers



2 min. flying

Transfer Time 1 hour
Age from4 years old
Min. Group Size:8 persons

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