Johan A. (Sweden)

Sorry for not getting back to you sooner, tons of work was waiting for me when I got back to the office. As I told you, for some reason, I expected you to be a big 40 year old lady. Imagine my surprise:) Anders, my friend who's getting married was overthrilled with the whole secret-agent concept and all the surprises. Good for me since I'm his best man and responsible for the whole mission. Thank you for your help, everything was so smooth!

By the way, after Colonnade we went back to Essential and stayed there until 7 when we had a breakfast reservation at the hotel. Crazy night!

Take care!


May 2009


Serkan K. (Turkey)

Dear Nastya,

just wanted to thank you for an extremely pleasant night tour of Riga. I truly enjoyed your company.

have a good day,


December 2009


Mark J. (UK)

Riga was Amazing!!!

Quality weekend! Good venue if flying from glasgow.

April 2010


Mark A. (UK)

Brilliant weekend!

You know how to party!

Cheers x


April 2010


David A. (UK)

Riga was Amazing!!!

Stag doo was amazing. shooting range was f**cking amazing, fastest way to sober up!!!


April 2010


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