Art Nouveau Walking Tour

rt Nouveau architectural style arose in the late 19th century in Brussels, as a refutation of all previous styles, in contrast to eclecticism, based on the blending of historical architecture. Buildings built in this style characterized by a practical plan, expressive ornamentation, original interpretation of historic styles, striving upwards.

At a time when Art Nouveau was all the rage, Riga was at the peak of economic prosperity. Many apartment houses were built in a modern style, that is, in art nouveau. So now these houses represent 40% of the building center of Riga.

We suggest you explore the unique Art Nouveau style of Riga with a professional guide. During the 2,5-hour tour, you will learn more about the history of this style in Riga, will see the earliest examples of Art Nouveau, learn what other styles influenced the architecture of Riga. Guide will tell you about the different symbols Art Nouveau, and shows a lot of wonderful, unique examples of the Old City and the new center.

Do not forget your camera! There will be so much interesting to see!


Min. group: 5 pers.


Price: 15 EUR PP


For those who saves time for other attractions we also offer a shortened one-hour Art Nouveau tour.


 Min. group: 5 pers.


Price: 10 EUR PP

Smaller groups and individuals are welcome with price available upon request!


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