Winter Bobsleigh - Riga Weekend
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Winter Bobsleigh in Sigulda

Winter bobsleigh in Sigulda is a great opportunity to try a truly unique entertainment. In the world there are only few professional bobsleigh tracks, which are open for visitors to have a ride, and Sigulda track is one of them. The track is 1,200 metres long and consists of 16 turns, this means that exactly 16 times during the ride your heart will jump out of the chest and you will get a huge charge of adrenaline! 

Rides are carried out with a winter bob, so-called "vuchko". This is a special soft sled, in which up to 5 people can go down simultaneously. The ride lasts about one minute. After the ride a truck will take you, other participants of the ride and the bob "vuchko" back to the start of track. Normally, the winter bobleigh in Sigulda starts in the first days of November and ends in the middle of March, but depending on the weather conditions the beginning and the end of the season can be moved. Rides happens on Saturdays and Sundays, except when there are professional competitions or trainings of sportsmen on the track.

The price includes transport to Sigulda and back, one ride with winter bob "vuchko" and English-speaking guide.


35,00 EUR per person (for groups of 10 or more persons)

38,00 EUR per person (for groups of 5 to 9 persons)

140,00 EUR per group + 10,00 EUR per person (for groups of 1 to 4 persons)

We advise you to dress according to the weather, as the event is held outdoors, and the descents are carried out in the order of the line.


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Winter Bobsleigh in Sigulda
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