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Party Bus with strippers in RigaStrip Party Bus in Riga is a great entertainment for large companies that want to raise their glasses, listen to quality music and, of course, enjoy a lovely erotic show from one of our dancers in an atmosphere of fun and excitement!

The party buses we offer are perfect for this kind of party on wheels, inside you will find a high-quality audio system, stylish and thoughtful design, as well as a pole so that your charming companion can show you her beautiful body and choreographic talent. The dark windows of the party bus will hide you from prying eyes, that means everything that happens in the party bus stays in the party bus in Riga!

If you want to make this experience even more memorable, we have some interesting ideas for you. Your strip dancer can play the role of a mysterious hitchhiker on the road, you can invite more dancers and also order a hot lesbian show.

We haven't forgotten about the beautiful ladies too. An option with a male dancer is available especially for them. This is a great opportunity to celebrate a bachelorette party or birthday party in a girl-only style!

You will get a 10% discount if you order 3 services or more.
Price:35 € x

Champagne (beers)

1 strippers


1 hour

Every next hour - 25 € x

Available3 buses
Min. Group Size:10 persons

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