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Beer Bike in RigaBeer Bike in Riga is a bar on the wheels for 15, 13, 13 persons - the passengers treadle, the driver pouring!

There is nothing better than to ride the Beer Bike along the streets drinking the best sorts of latvian beer. Why walk if you can treadle, drink beer and enjoy sights of Riga and its beautiful girls! Moreover, no girl will refuse if you offer her a lift using this unusual bike and having some beer during this unforgettable ride. 

Treadle, drink beer and enjoy your life!

*+5€ with wine or cider

28 €/pp*


Beer - as much as you want during 1 hour.

Duration1 hour
Available3 Beer Bikes (41 seats)
RunsAll year round
Min. Group Size:8 persons

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We, the team of Riga Weekend company, truly believe that Latvia is the best country in the world to visit. And our mission and our main goal is to get more people know this through their personal experience. To this end, we founded our company, created this webpage and worked for many years in the tourist market, offering the best of Latvia for our clients.