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Water Flyboard in RigaWater Flyboard in Riga is one of the coolest novelties in the field of extreme entertainment.

These water-jet boots were designed not so long ago - in 2005 - by french extreme inventor Frankie Zapata and they allow you to do incredible moves and tricks on the water. The invention quickly gained popularity around the world. And now everyone has a unique opportunity to experience water flyboard in Riga.

Flyboard design provides maximum freedom of movement. A flyboarder rider not only can take off to a multi-meter height, but also dive under water, as well as demonstrate spectacular somersaults, flips and twirls. The variety of tricks is limitless and only depends on your imagination and physical fitness. The most experienced and brave ones can try to repeat the famous dolphin-style diving.

Water flyboard in Riga is a seasonal entertainment and great option not only for men groups and bachelor parties, but also for hen parties, corporate events, and even for family events. Normally the service is available from May to September. The price includes transfer, a guide and an instructor who will make sure that the entertainment is both fun and safe. Flyboard flight lasts 10 minutes.

If you are extreme water activities fans, you may also like Cable Wakeboarding or sailing on yachts and river boats.

You will get a 10% discount if you order 3 services or more.

65 €/pp


Return Transfers



Duration10 minutes
Min. Group Size:8 persons

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