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Gastronomic Experience in RigaIn this section Eat & Drinks, we have collected all the most delicious and unusual experiences that a tourist should try. If you want to make your gastronomic experience in Latvia as memorable and interesting as possible, trust us to arrange it.

Come to Riga, eat with no measure, drink with pleasure! In the capital of Latvia, as well as in its surroundings, you can find a huge variety of food and drinks for every taste.

For adult companies, we offer various option of beer tasting (a traditional drink for Latvia) and wine tasting (an interesting fact: not only grapes, but also fruits and berries are used for making wine in Latvia). You will also find great dinner options. For example, a traditional Latvian dinner, or an authentic medieval-style dinner held by candlelight and featuring dishes prepared according to old recipes.

If you did not find what you were looking for in this section, just contact us. We will offer you the best restaurants to choose from, taking into account the size of the group, the occasion and other preferences, as well as help with table reservations and transfers if needed.

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We, the team of Riga Weekend company, truly believe that Latvia is the best country in the world to visit. And our mission and our main goal is to get more people know this through their personal experience. To this end, we founded our company, created this webpage and worked for many years in the tourist market, offering the best of Latvia for our clients.