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Yachts Rentals in RigaWe are happy to offer you a wide range of Sailing Yachts for the unforgettable water rides in Riga and Jurmala with the possibility to sail into the open sea. The yachts of various types are available. We can offer you the yachts of different sizes and comfort levels.

You can rent a yacht in Riga for both short cruises along the Latvian coast and longer cruises inside the gulf of Riga. On the yacht you can offer and enjoy tasty snacks and any drinks you like. The sailing yacht we offer are equipped with all necessary facilities (toilets, showers, beds, etc.)

You can book long-distance travels to Gotland (an island in the Baltic Sea), Stockholm, Saaremaa, Kihnu Island, Aland Islands, etc. You can also rent catamarans, enjoy the unforgettable water rides on high-speed motor boats, river boats. You can also enjoy the party set called "Stag Yachting".

Food & Drinks available on request.

You will get a 10% discount if you order 3 services or more.

50 €/pp


Return Transfers

Experienced skipper

2 hours yacht rentals

Yachts Capacity1 - 20 persons
RunsApril - October
Min. Group Size:6 persons

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We, the team of Riga Weekend company, truly believe that Latvia is the best country in the world to visit. And our mission and our main goal is to get more people know this through their personal experience. To this end, we founded our company, created this webpage and worked for many years in the tourist market, offering the best of Latvia for our clients.