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Electric Shock Football in RigaElectric Shock Football is the latest entertainment invention and one of the funniest activities in Riga.

Upgrade your weekend in Riga by ordering Shock Football for your group and try to score a goal while being shocked. Electric Shock Football contains shock, laugh and plenty of fun seeing your opponent jumping because of being shocked. You don’t have to be a good player to play Electric Shock Football, anyway you won’t be able to run and hit the ball properly. You will have a special shock device placed on your leg, and our game coordinator will shock all of the players when least expected. Shock Football in Riga can be played all year round, because we offer playing fields both outside and inside, on special request it is also possible to organize game on the beach football field.

Electric Shock Football is perfect for stag parties in Riga or even for hen parties, because we can control the voltage of the shock and for girls it will be reduced to minimum. Get plenty of fun for you and your friends playing Shock Football in Riga!

For lovers of extraordinary football, we also offer Bubble Football available both inside and outside.

You will get a 10% discount if you order 3 services or more.

55 €/pp



Pitch Hire

1 hour play time


Available10 electric shockers
RunsAll year round
Min. Group Size:10 persons

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