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Powered Hang Glider in RigaWe invite you to look at Riga from a new perspective. For those who like to reach new heights, we offer unique tandem flights on a Powered Hang Glider.

Before the Powered Hang Glider flight in Riga, you will get a brief instruction, and then an experienced pilot will lift the aircraft into the sky, where you will spend 10 unforgettable minutes.

During the flight you will enjoy the famous panoramic views of Riga. You will have the opportunity to see:

- the wide river Daugava, which divides the city into two parts;

- five bridges across the Daugava of completely different architecture styles, including the newest South Bridge, opened in 2008, and the Railway Bridge, which was completely destroyed twice (during the First and Second World Wars);

- unique pavilions of the central market, which used to serve as hangars for airships;

- Riga TV-tower, located on the island of Zakusala;

- the famous Riga library, implicated in a high-profile corruption scandal.

In accordance with safety rules, flying on a Powered Hang Glider requires certain weather conditions. In case of precipitation or strong wind (more than 6-7 m/h), your reservation may be canceled.

Also, people are not allowed to fly:

- People in a state of intoxication;

- weight more than 120 kg;

- with diseases of the cardiovascular system and nervous system.

Powered Hang Glider Experience is great option not only for men groups and bachelor parties, but also for hen parties.


55 €/pp


Return Transfers



10 min. flight

RunsAll year round
Min. Group Size:5 persons

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