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Steam Baths and Saunas in Riga

Steam Baths and Saunas in Riga offer a relaxing recovery for your body and soul. Russian bath with steam and bath broom will make you feel younger and stronger.

Forget about everyday worries and lose yourself in the steam of tranquillity and bliss. We offer you a variety of types of Saunas and Russian baths in Riga, from city saunas in the center of Riga to Russian baths next to picturesque Latvian lakes.

After enjoying the benefits of Riga saunas, you can refresh yourself in the pool or jacuzzi or recharge your life energy with cold Latvian beer. If you prefer to swim in lake (or in ice hole in winter, if you dare) after taking steam-bath, we will be happy to take you to Russian bathhouse on the beautiful lakeside. There you will find a pier for swimming in the lake, place for barbecue and recreation room. On request we offer professional bath attendant who will perform a complex of steam bath procedures including special massage, tea and, of course, a bath broom.

Exclusively for men’s parties or stag parties in Riga we offer special services. Please visit our Sauna Party section for more info.


Sauna in Riga
Swimming pool with cascade or Jacuzzi, TV, sound system.


15 min

 Duration2 hours


2 beers

 Min. group size:10 persons

25 €/pp


60 €/extra hour


Russian bathhouse on lakeside

Russian bathhouse on lakeside
Grill, Bath on the lake, TV, Fireplace, Kitchen.
 Transfer45 min
3 hours





2 beers

 Min. group :10 persons

40 €/pp


100 €/extra hour


Professional Steaming

Professional Steaming in Riga
Two visits to the steam room with bath-attendant.


- Steaming with oak twigs.

- Steaming with birtch twigs.

- Accompanying to the lake or ice-hole.

- Herbal tea with honey and lemon after each steaming procedure.


Bathhouse on the lakeside

 Price: 70 €/pp

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